Trilogie de Shéhérazade, par Leila Gorguis
Filmée à l’Université d’Iowa aux États-unis

Traduction : John Asfour
Danse : Columbine Macher
Direction artistique : Alan Sener
Production et mise en scène : Ben Hill
Musique : Université du Saint-Esprit de Kaslik – Liban

‘Scheherazade: Scent, Illusion and Burial’ is an artistic collaboration between University of Iowa Department of Dance Professor Alan Sener, the Lebanese-born/Canadian writer Leila Gorguis, and New York City choreographer/performer Columbine Macher. It is the second UITV produced program conceived by Sener – the first was entitled The Lyre of Ur – in which the poetic spoken arabic words of Gorguis inspire the making of original dance for the camera.
Sener is pleased to be working with video producer Ben Hill and his crew of student film makers to realize another program of poetry and dance, this time featuring colorful movement interpretations by Macher that illuminate three Gorguis poems regarding the character of Scheherazade, the famous storyteller of the Arabian epic ‘The Thousand and One Nights’